Independent Living

Zelevie Health’s independent living program provides a wonderful solution to enjoying life without having to keep up with all the tasks of daily life. Residents appreciate the conveniences of no household maintenance with delicious meals prepared daily, and transportation is provided! Our residents enjoy an active lifestyle with both scheduled activities and plenty of flexibility to pursue their individual interests. Many of our residents take advantage of our recreational activities while participating in outside community functions.

The decision to move into independent senior living comes with lots of questions, and it is not uncommon to quickly come to the realization that “I wish I had done this sooner!” Many of our residents find their socialization increases just by being in a convenient location to interact and make new friends. Chances are, other residents will share your interests and provide a ready peer group for pursuing meaningful and fulfilling activities.

At Zelevie Health, living an active lifestyle that aligns with your interests is the key to enjoying our independent living residences. We will support and encourage you to explore the experiences of senior living. You will find life is fulfilling and enjoyable as you connect with others and spend time in preferred activities in your retirement years. You will be delighted to call Zelevie Health “home”.