Transitional Rehab

The transitional rehabilitation facility at Zelevie Health is a comprehensive, short-term, medical care program provided by licensed professionals. Our team of medical professionals, therapists, and nurses are focused on consistently delivering effective, compassionate care to our guests.

With personal attention provided in a welcoming space, we strive to ensure every individual need is met. Nurturing caregivers monitor guest progress through individualized recovery plans designed for the physical wellness and emotional well-being of each person who comes to us for recovery. Whether you come to us for help recovering from an injury or illness, our intention is to provide you with a range of services designed to help you return home, including rehabilitation therapies and medical care. Our care transition manager works diligently to keep everyone on track and to coordinate the various services throughout your stay. Our goal is to provide the most effective array of services in order to get you back home and “living life well” as quickly and safely as possible.

Transitional rehabilitation at Zelevie Health is an excellent care option for people who wish to receive post-hospital or post-operative care in a luxurious, safe, and private environment. To learn more about transitional rehabilitation facilities at Zelevie Health, visit a location in your area.